23 Aug


„Ecosphere“ ist ein Projekt initiert von Eurocircle in Marseille, das dem Ausbau und der Festigung von europäischen Partnerschaften dient. Das Ziel ist internationale Projekte mit jungen Menschen im Bereich Ökologie zu planen und umzusetzen.

Environmental protection, economic efficiency and social equity are today major challenges to our region and also on a greater scale to the whole planet. Climate change and global warming impose on us necessary modifications in our human, social and economic behaviours. It is more than ever essential to sensitize and educate young people to environmental protection and sustainable development the earliest and the widest possible. In 2008, as part of the European Voluntary Service, we developed diverse local, regional and transnational partnerships to create activity projects for young European volunteers. We now want to enlarge that network to the topics of environmental protection and sustainable development. The aim of the project ECOSPHERE is to show that international mobility of youth from France and Eastern Europe – and particularly the use of Actions 1 and 2 of Youth in Action program – can also be a relevant tool for the social integration of young disadvantaged people. Our goal is, thanks to the setting up of new networks and the use of the existing ones with Eastern Europe, to give disadvantaged youngsters more opportunities.