05 Dez

Face 2 Face EVS 2

„Face 2 Face EVS 2“ ist ein EFD-Projekt in Dudley. Also in Großbritannien in der Nähe von Birmingham. Wir hatten schon öfters dort Freiwillige. Im Moment sind Annika und Robert auf der Insel und scheinen eine gute Zeit zu haben. Hier ihr außergewöhnlicher und sehr kreativer Bericht nach nicht ganz 5 Monaten:

Der etwas andere Bericht – auf Englisch!

Jordan and DJ Rob, two enthusiastic scientists from Germany, had the rare opportunity to do a European Voluntary Service in the Black Country. Furthermore, they were able to study the case for almost five months now. In the following, you will learn about some of the most important information which they found out.

  • Kingdom: Europe
  • Phylum: United Kingdom
  • Class: Great Britain
  • Order: England
  • Family: West Midlands
  • Genus: Dudley
  • Scientific Name: Face 2 Face
  • Type: European Voluntary Service
  • Diet: Everything you can afford with the food money of 120€. Aldi is not far away.
  • Life Span: 12 months/ 365 days/ 8,760 hours/ 525,600 minutes
  • Lifestyle: Pack. Currently 6 volunteers
  • Conservation Status: Critically endangered due to Brexit
  • Habitat:
    • End-terrace house near town centre, High Oak Youth & Community Centre
    • Close to Birmingham
  • Climate Zone: Temperate maritime climate
  • Main Activities: Youth work, social work, Art class, paper work
  • Characteristics:
    • Family business
    • Black Country Slang. Bostin!
    • Drive the bikes, buses take too long.
    • The average precipitation in Birmingham is not significantly higher than in Germany. We are serious, check Wikipedia.

The two scientists did some real work here. If you are not a minimalist and/or still not entirely satisfied, feel free to have a look on the two other reports on this website written by Alexandria and Miriam. Last but not least, watch a pretty good video made by former EVS students about their time in Dödley (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAOgNZkrVxM) or just apply straight away to experience the voluntary work at High Oak on your own. See you on the next Buschtour!


Two scientists fighting against wild pineapples in front of the European Parliament