14 Apr

GEGED Gaziantep Training And Youth Association II

Bei der „Gaziantep Training And Youth Association II“ hatten wir schon einige Freiwillige und entsenden auch zukünftig dorthin. Die Stimmungslage zeichnet ja im Moment nicht unbedingt ein positives Bild der Türkei, wir sind aber der Auffassung, dass es gerade deshalb wichtig ist, sich dort mit einem europäischen Bewußtsein zu engagieren. Unsere EFD-Freiwillige Svitlana verbrachte dort einige Zeit und unterstützte die Arbeit mit syrischen Geflüchteten. Um sich besser ausdrücken zu können bevorzugte sie es den Bericht, der entgegen der Nachrichtenlage ein positives Bild zeichnet, in Englisch zu verfassen. Hier ist er:

My short-term project in GEGED, Gaziantep, Turkey was full of new challenges, nice people and only positive atmosphere. Gaziantep or how local people call it Antep, is a charming Turkish city with deep traditions and amazing culture. From the start to the end I felt myself very safe there. The local people are very friendly and kind. For example, once we went to nice shop with other volunteers, where Turkish traditional musical instruments were sold. A seller proposed us a tea and gave for us a little concert (-: He was playing and pouring us tea although we were full and could not drink it anymore (-:

Our voluntary work was of course mostly connected with the many Syrian refugees living there. Syrians are great people with big hearts and warm smiles. They would always invite you for a tea or for some small party. For example, once they have invited us to a celebration for the Syrian Mother Day, where they cooked a lot, sang songs and danced. We had a great fun together. In spite the fact that they lost their houses, peaceful life and sometimes relatives, they always smiled and inspired you… I am happy to have met those people.

Our activities include English lessons for adults and kids, conversation clubs, different creativity activities as drawing, playing… Further, there were also activities in different Youths centers, oncology hospital, orphanage… And if those activities are not enough for you, you are always welcome to take initiative in your own hands and try to arrange additional ones. Of course you should discuss it forehead with the coordinator of GEGED or other people responsible for it (-: For example, when we had time with other volunteers, we organized a henna tattoo workshop with Syrian woman. It was amazing and we had a lot of fun together. So, everything is in your hands (-:

In GEGED I met volunteers from different countries as Italy, Spain, Romania, Ukraine, Portugal as well as local volunteers from Gaziantep. We spend a lot of time together, for instance we traveled and organized cultural evenings…With these people I felt myself at home. They became for me a big and unique family during my short-term project.

I am happy and thankful that I received the opportunity to make a small contribution to “Gaziantep community” (-: I am looking forward to visit this city and GEGED one day again.